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DISCLAIMER: The services I offer are a form of motivational coaching, combined with instruction in self-hypnosis. Results may vary from person to person and no individual result, statement or testimonial should be assumed to be typical.

Comfortable Childbirth at Hypno-Health


A woman interested in a pain-free childbirth experience came to Hypno-Health for three sessions. She released all habitual expectations about birthing being difficult and painful and created her own positive expectation of giving birth easily, comfortably, naturally, and free of pain.

Three months afterwards she said: "I was in labor 30 hours with my first child. This one was three hours total. It was very fast, easy, comfortable, and enjoyable."

Just three Comfortable Childbirth sessions at Hypno-Health can help a woman:

  • Understand how it's possible to have a natural, comfortable birth experience.
  • Overcome the fear-tension-pain syndrome so often associated with birthing.
  • Trust her own natural birthing instincts.
  • Create and reinforce a positive, confident attitude about peaceful childbirth.
  • Learn how to enter self-hypnosis, whenever wanted or needed.
  • Program her mind and body for success.
  • Empower herself to be confident, capable, comfortable and in control.
  • Receive a personalized CD or mp3 full of suggestions for success.
  • Enjoy a comfortable, peaceful, relaxed, natural, joyous birth experience.

Comfortable Childbirth at Hypno-Health can be successful on its own and can also enhance the teachings, trainings and preparations of other programs preparing pregnant women for natural childbirths.