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Hugh Sadlier
222 Auburn St, Suite 102
Portland, Maine 04103
Phone 207-773-5200


DISCLAIMER: The services I offer are a form of motivational coaching, combined with instruction in self-hypnosis. Results may vary from person to person and no individual result, statement or testimonial should be assumed to be typical.

Office Sessions

Hypno-Health OfficeThe primary Hypno-Health office is located at the Integrative Health Center of Maine, in the North Deering section of Portland. A second office is located in Blue Hill, Maine. People who visit will find pleasant surroundings and a soothing atmosphere. Bluish-green tones within the offices foster feelings of serenity and tranquility. A comfortable recliner encourages you to relax away cares and concerns. Although each person may react a bit differently, experiencing the hypnotic state is said to be comfortable, relaxing, soothing, peaceful, serene, tranquil and, perhaps, like a mental massage.

The initial office session is one and a half hours long. Additional office sessions usually last about one hour, but may be extended by mutual consent between a client and myself. After entering into hypnosis, you can connect with the reasons behind the issue you want to resolve. Once you understand the “roots of the problem,” you can disconnect them in your mind. You can then replace them with positive thoughts, which, through repetition, can become your reality. This approach encourages and empowers you to become an active participant in your own healing. I will teach you how to enter your self-hypnotic state whenever you want, so you can reinforce your new reality or just enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation. I will also make a personalized CD or mp3 for you. By listening to this recording, especially while in hypnosis, you can maximize your ability to achieve your goal.

My office fee is $125.00 per hour.