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Hugh Sadlier
222 Auburn St, Suite 102
Portland, Maine 04103
Phone 207-773-5200


DISCLAIMER: The services I offer are a form of motivational coaching, combined with instruction in self-hypnosis. Results may vary from person to person and no individual result, statement or testimonial should be assumed to be typical.

Phone and Skype Sessions

Hugh Sadlier - Phone SessionWhether you live far away or are simply unable to travel to Portland or Blue Hill, a telephone call or Skype session is all it takes to let you experience hypnosis in the convenience, comfort and privacy of your own home. You are able to benefit from the same process as people who come to the Hypno-Health offices. The soothing feelings of comfort, relaxation, peacefulness, serenity and tranquility are available to you by phone and Skype.

The initial Phone/Skype session is one and a half hours long. Additional Phone/Skype sessions usually last about one hour, but may be extended by mutual consent between a client and myself. After explaining what to expect, I will give you suggestions that will help you enter a comfortable, relaxed state. You can then connect with information from your subconscious mind that can assist you in resolving your issues. I will teach you how you can enter your self-hypnotic state whenever you want so you can reinforce your new reality, or just enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation. Following your phone or Skype hypnosis sessions, you will reinforce your new thought patterns by repeating your positive affirmation, which you create while in the hypnotic state, and listening to the personalized CD or mp3 I will create for you. This approach encourages and empowers you to become an active participant in you own healing and maximizes your ability to achieve your goal. As you continue to do self-hypnosis, you should become more confident and comfortable with the process and can benefit from it indefinitely.

My fee is $150.00 per hour for both Phone and Skype hypnosis sessions.

The following comments are from a client who experienced phone hypnosis with me. The client's name has been omitted to protect client confidentiality (disclaimer).

"You were an enormous success, because what we did together led me to this [personalized reinforcement technique], and I find myself doing it several times a day; sometimes for just a few minutes, and sometimes for longer. I was so appreciative with how accessible you were, and with your patience and time to explain various things to me outside of our regular sessions. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a wonderful person who truly exemplifies what a health practitioner should do. Every time we spoke, I knew that you were totally focused on me and my needs."